How does gender reassignment surgery work?

  • 26 Feb 2020
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Gender Reassignment Surgery in Iran

What’s Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment goes by so many names, including sex reassignment surgery (SRS), sex-change surgery, sex affirmation procedure, and genital reconstruction surgery. These procedures have one thing in common and it’s to transform the genitalia from one gender into another. Gender reassignment surgery is not a new phenomenon and performed by a whole host of people around the world. Patients undergoing this procedure are suffering from gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. This condition is commonly referred to as transgender as well. Having this condition, these patients perform gender reassignment surgery in order to match their physical gender with what they feel emotionally attracted to.

Types of Gender Reassignment surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is divided into two types:

  • Male to Female (MTF): In this procedure, a patient undergoes some surgeries to match his/her socially attracted gender. Patients who have this condition are suffering from Gender Identity Disorder. This procedure is not recommended for overweighed or obese people. The most important stage of MTF is removing the penis and creating a vulva and vagina.
  • Female to Male (FTM): FTM is a type of sex reassignment surgery. Patients perform this surgery, have the absolute conviction that they’re born in the wrong body. The exact etiology of transsexualism is not understood, however; it is generally believed that it is a combination of different biological and psychological factors and the only treatment is gender reassignment. Keeping this in mind, before having FTM or gender-affirming surgery, a person will receive testosterone replacement. During the treatment patient will undergo these surgeries:

Procedures for transwomen (MTF)

Facial Feminization Surgery:

This process aims to transform the masculine characteristics and features of the face to a more feminine appearance. When performing this procedure, so many factors should be taken in to account to see which options are best suited for each individual.

Transfeminine top surgery:

The goal of this procedure is to enlarge the size and the shape of the breast and to create a feminine-looking appearance of the chest. A number of techniques used to perform this surgery and some factors should be taken in to account when it comes to which technique is foremost suited for this procedure. Some factors are the desired amount of breast enlargement, placement of the incisions, type of implant used.

Transfeminine bottom surgery:

Transfeminine bottom surgery is one of the most important stages in MTF. The goal of this procedure is to transform the male genitalia and reconstruct it into that of a female. One of the most common techniques used to perform bottom surgery is the penile inversion vaginoplasty.

Procedures for Female to Male (FTM)


Mastectomy is the process during which the breasts undergo surgery by removing tissues from one or both breasts. In some surgery, only part of the breast tissue is removed while some other, called extensive surgery, change the appearance of the breast and the nipples.

Bottom surgery:

Transgender might try various ways to realize their gender expression. Some venture to tell others about their gender identity without medical intervention while others may take bottom surgery as the right option. Bottom surgery, also known as genital surgery, sex reassignment surgery (SRS), gender confirmation surgery (GCS), refers to the following procedures:

Vaginoplasty: the process that aims to the construction or the reconstruction of the vagina.

Phalloplasty: the construction or reconstruction of the penis

Metoidioplasty: also known as Meta, is an FTM surgery that works with your existing genital tissue to create the new penis.

Hysterectomy: the surgical process to remove the uterus (womb).

Male Reproductive System

The male reproductive system is responsible for the process of human reproduction and consists of a number of sexual organs, which are the penis, the scrotum, and the testicles. A male reproductive system, unlike the female, is located outside of the body and functions to produce sperm, discharge it into the female reproductive tract and to produce and secrete male sex hormones.

Gender reassignment surgery before and after

What should we do before gender reassignment surgery? Having a gender reassignment surgery can be a daunting experience. To have sexual reassignment surgery, you need to be prepared mentally, in other words, a mental health evaluation is required to check for any health concern that might affect the individual mental state. More importantly, consult with your doctor, family and friends to achieve confidence. What should we do after Gender affirmation surgery? Like any other surgery, gender affirmation surgery needs care after the surgery. The recovery period varies depending on the type of surgery FTM or MTF as well as other factors like the person’s overall health and lifestyle choices. If you are a smoker, quit smoking because smoking slows down the recovery process and increases the risk of side effects. When your gender affirmation surgery is finished, you have to stay in the hospital, for a couple of days and after leaving the hospital you need to rest approximately five weeks or more and engage yourself in very limited activates.

Risk and side effects of gender affirmation/reassignment surgery

What are the risks of gender reassignment surgery? Almost in all kinds of surgical procedures, there are risks and if these risks are not checked out they might weaken the patient’s expectations. One possible way to deal with this is to make the patient aware of these risks. As we mentioned above, once a patient starts the treatment, he must receive the hormone. However, as the patient grows older, the effectiveness of the hormones tends to be less satisfactory. That is to say, age determines the effectiveness of the hormones. Transgender women over 50 on hormones for more than three years, and likewise Transgender men who have not had their breast removed should get mammograms to check for any possible breast cancer. You have to put in mind that psychological issues might be a common concern for transgender patients and consider these issues when performing gender reassignment surgery because they would affect the person’s therapy.

Why Iran for gender reassignment surgery?

When speaking about sexual reassignment surgery, Iran’s name is ranked among the best countries performing this procedure. But why is Iran so important? By a simple search on the net, you would find Iran is a hub for sexual reassignment surgery in the Middle East. After the revolution of 1980, religious leaders come to embrace sexual reassignment. Today, Iran is the only Muslim country in the Middle East that grants the trans the right to have their gender identity recognized by the law. Furthermore, the number of people seeking sex reassignment surgery in Tehran rose by 50% and that emphasizes the successful rate of the procedures.

Gender-reassignment surgery in MedtourIran

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Comparison of Gender-reassignment surgery cost in Iran and other countries

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