All types of breast cosmetic surgery: Augmentation, Mammoplasty, Mastopexy, Reconstruction

  • 20 Nov 2019
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Breast cosmetic surgery in Iran

What is the breast cosmetic surgery? What are the types of breast cosmetic surgery? Is this procedure performed in Iran? Is it possible to reduce or enlarge the breast? What are the risks of breast aesthetic surgery? What is the role of MedtourIran in breast surgery procedure in Iran? Are you searching for the answer to these questions? In this article we are going to provide you with the answers so follow up. 

Breast cosmetic surgery or breast aesthetic surgery

Many women think that the size, shape, and beauty of their breasts may change that’s why they think of performing breast cosmetic surgery so as to make the breasts appear naturally attractive. But what are the factors causing the unwanted changes in the breast? It is worth noting that the breast is a part of the women body, which affects it when it grows properly. Some factors that affects the breast are: age, pregnancy and childbirth experience, or other common breast problems that cause distortion in the breast natural form and removal of breast elasticity. When time passes on, due to multiple factors, the size of the breast may decrease or increase and in this case breast surgery is considered the best solution to get rid of these problems and restore the breast natural look.

Types of breast cosmetic surgery

Do you want to know what is breast cosmetic surgery, its types and everything related to it?

The process of breast cosmetic surgery or breast aesthetic surgery has four types:

  1. breast augmentation surgery
  2. breast reduction surgery
  3. breast lift surgery
  4. breast reconstruction surgery

These procedures are performed by specialist doctors and a specialist surgeon. In this regard, we’ll supply you with some relevant information about these procedures.

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery has become a common procedure among women due to different factors such as the small size of the breasts or imbalance between the breasts or when the breast is in a very low position. All these factors make women seek breast augmentation surgery. 

How breast augmentation surgery is performed? The breast augmentation surgery is performed according to the shape, size and appearance of the breasts, and this process is carried out after some preliminary steps, such as medical evaluation and special observations relevant to the procedures and besides, the doctor may recommend you to stop taking some medications a few days before the surgery. The surgery is performed by a surgeon, and the surgeon makes one incision in three places: under the breast, under the armpit, and around the areola. After the separation of the breast tissue and connective tissue, the doctor or surgeon places the silicone implant inside the breast, under or above the chest muscle. Determining the location of the implant, its type or size and thickness depends on the surgeon's decision and the woman's desire. There are types of silicone fillings, including teardrop-like and round shape, but there are special features that suit every woman's preferences.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty

The process of breasts reduction, although it is not so common among women, is demanded by so many women. Women seek breast reduction operations if they have very large breasts that cause problems such as: back and neck pain, shoulder chronic pain, and finding rash under the breast that causes difficulty in wearing bras and clothes.

During breast reduction, the size of the breasts is reduced in two ways:

The incision is made around the nipple from top to bottom of the breast transversely. The incision is made around the areola in a circular way.

During this surgery, after a surgical incision is done around the areola, the tissue and excess fat is removed from the breasts, then the shape of the breast is changed, the nipple and areola are corrected, and the doctor finally covers the wound. After breast reduction surgery, the breasts become swollen and very painful. Don’t worry if the surface of the breasts rises. The swelling gradually decreases and the breast condition changes in the postoperative period. To get a better recovery, a woman should wear surgical bras every hour of the day approximately for a month after surgery.

Breast Lift surgery or Mastopexy

The process of lifting the breasts is considered one of the most important breast cosmetic operations that women resort to after they experience breast conditions like stretching the skin of the breast, loss of its elasticity, loss of the natural breast shape, sagging breast and imbalance between the two breasts. Among the factors that affect the state of the breast are breastfeeding, changes in weight and breast augmentation during pregnancy. The breasts shape and beauty can be restored by performing a breast lift surgery and this process is carried out after an examination by the specialist doctor.

The breast lifting procedure is carried out by removing excess skin and restoring the breast tissue in its original form, and ultimately the nipple is replaced to its place. Interestingly, the breast lift operation is not recommended for every person so if you’re thinking of getting pregnant in the future, you have to put off the procedure of breasts lift, because during pregnancy your breasts expand and as a result breast lift procedure fails. Furthermore, breastfeeding is one of the factors that changes the state of the breast. More importantly, some women may suffer from low breast milk supply after breast lift operation.

The breast-lifting process is performed for any breasts of any size and the result of the breast-lifting process is more successful for the small breasts than to the large ones, and the reason is that the large breasts droop again.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Breast reconstruction is performed after mastectomy. This process causes the filling volume to be restored to its previous shape. As we know, not having a sound shape of breast in woman, causes lack of self-confidence, this is why breast reconstruction procedure is performed to restore the breasts and as a result give woman a charming look. 

The process of breast reconstruction after mastectomy is performed in three ways:

  1. Taking the desired tissue from the appropriate area of the woman’s body and implant it into the breast. 
  2. Silicone breast augmentation
  3. Fat injection.

And finally, the doctor places the areola and nipples in their proper place, and the skin and tissues are completely reconstructed. After breast reconstruction procedure, the breast appears in its full natural shape without any damage. 

Breast cosmetic surgery risks

Almost all surgery procedures include some risks and breast cosmetic surgery is not an exception. A person may face some side effects and risks after breast surgeries, so it’s good to know these risks before performing a breast cosmetic surgery. Some of the common risks are:  

  1. Bleeding after breast aesthetic surgery
  2. Infection
  3. Anesthesia risks 
  4. Bruising
  5. Breastfeeding problems 
  6. Asymmetric breast

Breast aesthetic / cosmetic surgery in Iran and MedtourIran and its costs

Is breast cosmetic surgery performed in Iran? Yes, breast aesthetic surgery is performed in Iran and the reason for this is the availability of specialist doctors in Iran and clinics as well as hospitals equipped with modern technologies. More importantly, breast aesthetic surgery is performed in Iran with reasonable costs, compared to other countries.

MedtourIran company, as a leading company in medical tourism in Iran, provides the best doctors and the best services in Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz. By a simple search, you can compare the services and prices of MedtourIran and other relevant health centers. Some of the costs of Breast aesthetic surgery in Iran and other countries:

      • Breast reduction cost in Iran: $800. Book Our packages
      • Breast reduction cost in India: At least $2500.
      • Breast reduction cost in Turkey: More than $3700.
      • Breast reduction cost in the United States: More than $5600.
      • Breast reduction cost in the UK: More than $8100.
      • Breast reduction cost in Bulgaria: At least $1570.
      • Breast reduction cost operation in Spain: $5000.

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