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  • 19 Nov 2019
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Nose job in Iran

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a medical specialty that enhances a patient’s appearance. A cosmetic surgery is an operation that leads to reconstitution of an organ in the body. The goal of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure is to reconstruct facial and bodily defects according to the aesthetic standards of specific organ. Plastic surgery is performed for various reasons and in this article we examine the process of rhinoplasty and everything you need about this procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or nose job is mainly concerned with nose surgery. In the one hand, the nose is playing an important role in conducting the process of breathing and on the other, it represents a prominent aesthetic role in the appearance of human to which most people pay much attention. Sometimes people face special nose problems that can disturb the breathing process or affect the shape of the nose or both and as a result the individual needs a rhinoplasty. A person attends the specialist doctor to perform rhinoplasty for cosmetic purpose and reconstruct the nose with the rest of the facial organs. 

When Nose Job is needed and who needs Rhinoplasty?

As we mentioned earlier, the nose plays an important role in the body.  Consequently, to help the nose transfer fresh air into the lungs or when it is suffering from nasal congenital diseases, cancer, face fracture and respiratory problems, rhinoplasty is required. From aesthetic point of view, some people seek rhinoplasty because of various reasons including: the nose size (large or small), narrowing in the nostrils, nasal septum deviation and other problems to coordinates it with other organs of the face.

What age is best to get a nose job?

There are two reasons for rhinoplasty, namely the medical and cosmetic procedure and the appropriate time for rhinoplasty surgery varies. For medical purposes, or in case of emergency, the medical procedure can be performed at any time and for any person including children. However, if it is purely cosmetic, the person must perform the operation after the nasal bone reach full growth or after adolescence.

Types of Rhinoplasty: 

Generally speaking, rhinoplasty can be used to describe not only cosmetic procedure, but also medical procedure in order to improve the function of the nose. Some of the common types of Nose Job surgeries are: 

  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty: This kind of nose job is performed to improve the height of the nasal dorsum and largely depends on preoperative factors like the external nose, nasal length, humps, and facial proportions.  To perform this surgery, the surgeon might use materials available to the rihnoplastic surgeon including alloplasts implant, allogenous materials or autologous implants.
  • Rhinoplasty reduction or nose reduction surgery: This process is carried out by removing the nose bone or cartilage to narrow the width of the nose. In this procedure the whole nose might undergo surgery or in some cases only part of the nose.
  • Septoplasty: This surgery is considered a corrective surgical process to help a person improve breathing by improving the airflow. In Septoplasty, the surgeon corrects the deviated nasal septum leading to improving difficulty in breathing.
  • Rhinoplasty after nose injury: This operation is performed after an accident that leads to the destruction or breakage of cartilage of the nose or bones.


What things to do before rhinoplasty?

-This operation is performed after an accident that leads to the destruction or breakage of cartilage of the nose or bones.

-Performing some analyzes related to this process before rhinoplasty.

-Taking medications necessary to the procedure before the operation and if the person is taking special medications he/she should inform the doctor to control taking them.

-The person should not smoke before the operation because this action leads to some side effects after the operation.

What things to do after rhinoplasty?

-After the rhinoplasty, the nose needs a special care on the part of the patient to have a fully successful operation.

-During the rest period, the patient should raise his head above the chest and this is done to reduce bleeding and swelling.

-The internal bandages or splints that the doctor has put in the nose, must remain for a day or a week in the right place after rhinoplasty

-Taking some medications that help the person not to get infection and the medications that the doctor prescribed to reduce pain.  

 -Avoiding violent activities such as running.

-The doctor prevents the person from some activates for a limited period after rhinoplasty such as brushing teeth strongly, blowing your nose or chewing strongly.

-The patient should no laugh or guffaw for a long time.

-The patient should not expose himself to the sun for a long time because this may result in abnormal discoloration of the nose skin.

-The patient should not wear glasses after surgery for days or maybe weeks to prevent the pressure on the nose.

Rhinoplasty side effects:

Before rhinoplasty, we should be familiar with some of the side effect that might appear after surgery:

  1. Bleeding 
  2. Swelling and inflammation around the eyes and cheeks 
  3. Breathing difficulty 
  4. Numbness in the nose

Rhinoplasty in Iran:

Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Iran. In fact, Iran is considered the capital of Rhinoplasty. It is worth mentioning that rhinoplasty is carried out excellently in Iran and this is because of the existing equipment with high quality and above all specialist doctors. These and plus reasonable prices are factors that make Iran a place for rhinoplasty and a worldwide destination for anyone who seeks rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in the world:

Nose Job has become one of the widespread and worldwide operations and is carried out around the world in European and American countries. Consequently, most people who seek rhinoplasty, bound for the best cities to get specialist doctors for surgery. After a simple search on the Internet, you find that Iran is a prominent destination for the process of rhinoplasty compared to other countries in the world because Iran is regarded the capital of Nose Job. The availability of sophisticated doctors, reasonable and affordable prices and positive results makes Iran’s name to shine among the countries in rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran:

Undoubtedly, the prices and costs of rhinoplasty vary according to several reasons and we cannot exactly determine the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran. However, like the other surgeries, the cost of Nose Job in Iran is reasonable compared to other countries. Some factors related to price differentiation are the quality of the equipment, the experience of the doctors, the place of residence and most importantly Iran is the capital nose job. But the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran ranges from 800 to $2500 .

Comparison of rhinoplasty cost in Iran and other countries:

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran ranges from 800 to $2,500  

Rhinoplasty cost in America ranges from 3500 to $5000 

Rhinoplasty cost in Arabic countries ranges from 2000 to $4000

Rhinoplasty cost in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia exceeds $5000 

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey ranges from 1000 to $4000

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