Ear cosmetic surgery (Otoplasty): What you need to know about it

  • 20 Nov 2019
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Ear cosmetic surgery

What is Ear Surgery? Do you know the types of ear surgery? Have you heard of ear cosmetic surgery and ear surgery? We are going to introduce ear surgery, ear cosmetic surgery, types of ear surgeries, and tips you need before and after surgery plus ear surgery cost in Iran and MedtourIran in Iran. 

Ear surgery:

What is Ear Surgery? What are the types of ear surgery? Ear surgery is divided into two types, namely medical and cosmetic surgery and it is a branch of nose and throat surgery. Medical ear surgery is done to treat some ear problems such as Otoplasty or middle ear surgery. During cosmetic surgery, some procedures are performed, such as ear reduction, prominent ear surgery, etc.

Cosmetic ear surgery:

What is cosmetic ear surgery? What are the types of cosmetic ear surgery? Beauty is considered important to anyone and the ear is an organ that plays a prominent role in human beauty. When a person faces a problem in his face or appearance or lack of coordination of the organs of his face and head, this problem leads to lack of self-confidence so he/she wants to get rid of this problem. This is why we want to talk about ear surgery, its types and prices. Ear surgery is a procedure for adults and children and has different types which are surgical and non-surgical:

  1. the process of ear reduction, bat or prominent ear, ear reshaping surgery, gold ear threads, are considered surgical
  2. the non-surgical ear procedures are performed by using bandages and pressure and laser.

All these procedures lead to the modification of the shape of the ear and its beauty.  

Types of ear surgery

What are the types of ear surgery? What is an ear surgery? Here we explain the types of ear surgery in a nutshell so you know the types of this process.

Ear reduction surgery:

Ear reduction is part of aesthetic ear surgery that reduces the size and shape of the ears. Ear reduction is performed both for adults and children. However, children should have at least five-year-old and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. At the beginning of the operation, the doctor detects the cartilage of the ear through a small incision behind the ears. Then, a small part of the cartilage is removed and the appropriate ear shape is fixed. The ear reduction process often takes no more than two hours and the patient can be discharged on the same day.

 Prominent ear or bat ear: (Protruding ear)

Every day we see some people who have a prominent ear and you may be one of those people. People are divided into two groups: some do not suffer from this condition and some want to get rid of the prominent ear and this causes loss of confidence in these people. 

The bat ear can be adjusted by ear surgery in most of the grown-ups. The operation of the prominent ear is performed by a small incision behind the ear and then, the doctor performs the operation through this incision. Sometimes the unnecessary parts of cartilage and skin are removed and closed until the distance of the ear and head is reduced so that the ear wouldn’t be prominent. The doctor folds the cartilage with one another due to its softness to make the cartilage stable. It is worth saying that the process of Otopasty surgery is performed in all cases except when the person has infection or disease in the ear. For children it is possible to perform the procedure during childhood or when the child is born by some techniques and methods that put the ear beside the head to make the ear grow properly, but it is not possible to perform ear surgery for children until five years after birth.

Ear reshaping Surgery:

Can the ear be reshaped? Some people have a severed ear (ear cut off) or a lack of proper ear because of heredity. Can they be helped? Yes, one ear surgery corrects and reshapes the ear. The operation of ear reshaping has a direct impact on the facial coordination. In this procedure, the cartilage is taken from the body or an artificial cartilage is used to shape it in the form of an ear and then, the doctor implants it the head and finally skin patches and reconstruction of the earlobe is done.

Non- surgical ear operation:

You may be looking for an Otoplasty without surgery, and you want to adjust the ear without surgery. Hopefully, there are some ear deformities that can be adjusted without surgery. The process of ear threading, gold ear thread and laser ear surgery is considered as a plastic surgery of the ears without surgery.

Ear surgery with threads:

The process of ear threading is a non-surgical ear surgery that depends on the threads and is one of the easiest plastic surgery that most people seek when they are intended to have ear surgery. In this procedure, the doctor uses some threads that do not dissolve in the skin. The doctor sutures and implants the stiches under the skin behind the ear then, binds and wraps the threads around the cartilage. This makes the cartilage wrap with one another in the proper place and also reduces the size of the ear and its prominence. Usually, threading is performed by local anesthesia for adults and when it comes to children, it is performed under general anesthesia because the children do not sit quietly during the procedure. The process of threading the ears is very simple in that it is not accompanied by wounds and pain and does not need a long recovery period.

Gold ear thread surgery:

What is the difference between the process of ear surgery with normal threads and gold threads? It’s the color of the thread that highlights the difference between the normal and gold threads. Ear threading with gold thread helps disappear the thread within the ear because of the color. That’s why most people requesting ear surgery choose golden threads.

Laser Ear Surgery:

Today, we see various application of lasers in different fields. This technique is used in cosmetic surgery and regarded on of the advanced technique in cosmetic surgeries including ear surgery. The doctor makes a small incision no more than four centimeters, in the back of the ear with the laser or in the flap of the ears, depending on the doctor and the ear defects.  Subsequently, the doctor removes the required excess cartilage and then closes the wound. This process takes approximately one hour. The advantages of using the laser in the procedure of ears surgery are small incision instead of large ones, no wounds or scars remain after the process and that’s because of the small incision the laser makes. Furthermore, using laser reduces the risk of infection and bleeding.

Ear surgery in Iran:

Medical tourism in Iran is accompanied by modern technologies, advanced equipment and specialized doctors. When we look for treatment in Iran, we find successful operations in the medical field, which is due to the expertise of doctor and advanced equipment in Iran. Ear surgery in Iran is advancing with the latest techniques. Ear surgery in Iran is performed successfully and the patients get satisfactory results. The existence of specialist doctors and advanced centers with modern equipment make many Iranians and foreigners perform cosmetic surgery in Iran. Ear surgery is carried out in many cities of Iran, including, Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz.

Ear cosmetic surgery cost:

The cost of cosmetic ear surgery varies depending on the type of ear surgery and the experience and fame of the doctor as well as the devices used. Costs cannot definitely be set, but we can say that the cosmetic ear surgery cost range from 1500-10000 dollars in the world.

 Ear surgery cost in Iran and MedtourIran:

The costs of ear cosmetics surgery, in comparison to other countries of the world are reasonable and appropriate and this is because of the specialized doctors and advanced centers in Iran. The cost of cosmetic ear surgery in Iran is affordable and the operation is performed with high quality.

MedtourIran Company will serve you in its trusted centers with specialized doctors and provide all cosmetic services in Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz. The cost of ear cosmetics surgery in our centers starting from $900 and these prices are reasonable compared to other health companies and centers located in Iran. You can see and book our packages from here

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