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  • 20 Nov 2019
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Cosmetic dentistry in Iran

Cosmetic dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry? Do we need cosmetic dentistry? When do we need cosmetic dentistry? Does this process need medical specialty? How much are the costs of cosmetic dentistry and what are the types of cosmetic dentistry? Can we get Hollywood smile? Do these questions come to your mind? Do you think about it in front of the mirror? Do you need really cosmetic dentistry?

In this article we answer all your questions about cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery , be with us...

Tooth is considered a beauty factor in the face and has a prominent role in this regard. Lately, we notice people care about their teeth from both medical and aesthetic aspect, and as a result of this care, cosmetic dentistry is developed to answer the demand of people therefore, today we see many clinics and doctors are specialized in this field.

The cosmetic dentistry operation improves medical and aesthetic dental problems and has different types which we mention to in this article.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran

As we see todays, cosmetic dentistry is regarded one of the most important branches of medicine. The task of this branch is to modify and correct aesthetic defects related to the teeth, jaws and mouth that need a dental cosmetic process. The cosmetic dentistry procedure is carried out with modern techniques and special equipment that help to correct the defects of teeth, mouth and jaws.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran:

Why cosmetic surgery in Iran? It can be said that Iran is one of the countries where the process of cosmetic surgery, with high quality and at a high level is performed and this is based on several reasons we will refer to them. 

Aesthetic dentistry with high quality needs specialized doctors and expertise as well as modern tools and techniques related to cosmetic dentistry operation. Interestingly, we recently notice the development of cosmetic dentistry in Iran and the desire of Iranians and foreigners to perform this operation in Iran. The experience of Iranian doctors in this field in general and in the branch of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in particular, makes people visit these clinics. Undoubtedly, this advantage alone cannot fulfill the task and require modern equipment and the experience of doctors. We have all these features in Iran and its cities in which cosmetic dentistry is performed such as Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz. Other features that makes Iran a destination for cosmetic dentistry are its beautiful nature and good services, which provide interesting and pleasant tourism.

Cosmetic dentistry in MedtourIran

What do we do after choosing Iran to perform a cosmetic surgery? Where shall we go for residence and treatment? Who is the best doctor? Which city is suitable for treatment?

Yes, all these questions are very important, and for this we serve you in MedtourIran for medical and cosmetic operations from A to Z, as we noted on our website: (MedtourIran provides qualified and affordable services for medical tourism in Iran. Our job is to provide an unforgettable service for therapeutic tourists, our motto is: one click to health) 

At MedtourIran, we book your flight and hotel and provide you with a doctor's visit in Tehran, Mashhad or Shiraz. Besides that, we provide you with interpreter and private car with best services and reasonable prices to serve you in medical tourism. We will refer to our prices in this article and you will be interested in affordable prices and good services.

Cosmetic dentistry in short

What are the types of cosmetic dentistry? Which surgery is a cosmetic surgery? In brief, here we explain types of cosmetic dentistry so that you get familiar with the various types of this operation.

Teeth Whitening :As the name indicates, it is related to the color of the teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the operations in which people lighten and whiten their teeth and remove tooth stains. This process affects the betterment of the face appearance directly.

Orthodontics :In Orthodontics, teeth are tightly pressed making them move to their proper place. This process influences the improvement of the teeth working and appearance and is beneficial to the improvement of oral organs such as gums, teeth and jaws. There are different types of orthodontics: mobile, fixed, preventive and cosmetic orthodontics.

Teeth Cleaning Teeth cleaning is considered a kind of cosmetic surgery and has different methods. It is understandable from the name that it is concerned with polishing and cleaning teeth and also removing the tartar between the teeth. Types of teeth cleaning are:

  • Teeth cleaning at the doctor
  • Teeth brushing in natural ways
  • Flossing
  • Brushing and toothpaste

Dental Implant: Dental implant procedure is a recent development in dentistry. How is dental implant procedure performed? This process relies on replacing the root of the tooth with a metal post and an artificial tooth replacing the broken and the missing teeth. The artificial teeth look and act just like real ones. It is necessary for the applicant to have certain characteristic to do this surgery.

Endodontics: When the process of filling the teeth is performed? The tooth is affected with some diseases such as tooth decay and cavities and cracks or teeth breaks, as a result in this case a person faces a dental problem and the solution is filling the teeth. In this process, the doctor removes the decayed part and stuffs it with fillers which include different types. 

Teeth Combination: What is the difference between dental implant and teeth combination? Dental implant, as mentioned above, deals with both root and tooth replacement. But what is teeth combination? In this process, the root of the natural tooth is not removed. The operation involves implantation of screw in place of the removed tooth and it is only around the outer tooth layer.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Maxillofacial surgery is a medical specialty and is performed by a dentist. This process is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and recovery of dental, oral and cavity diseases.

Laser Dentistry: The laser or light energy is used frequently these days and as we can see it has a significant role in many medical fields among which is cosmetic dentistry. It is utilized to treat gum disease, tooth decay, teeth whitening and removal of tumors. The laser has pros as well as cons. Among the advantages of the laser is that it is painless, noiseless and result in a less bleeding operation while the disadvantages are high cost, the need for anesthesia, and it is not used for fully decayed teeth and for teeth that have been stuffed in the past.

Hollywood smile: What is Hollywood Smile? The term Hollywood smile reflects the beauty and appearance of teeth, which means consistent, glossy and white teeth. It is named so because of its relativity to famous Hollywood actors and their good smile and beautiful appearance of their teeth.

How do we get to Hollywood smile? Thin crusts are designed to every single person depending on the color, shape, length and the size of a person's teeth and put by the doctors on the front teeth. This operation aims at the improvement of teeth shape and teeth whitening, because these crusts are made of materials that do not change color and resist against stains.

Are all of cosmetic dentistry surgeries done in Iran?

Cosmetic surgery is done comprehensively in Iran. There are medical centers to carry out all types of cosmetic dentistry in Iran. These centers have specialized doctors and modern techniques with sophisticated equipment and we see these developments is increasing every day.

Cosmetic dentistry costs in Iran

The cost of dentistry and different dental procedures are different depending on the type of treatment and surgery. In general, the cost of cosmetic dentistry is: A Hollywood smile in Iran costs 300 $ at least for one tooth The price of a teeth combination in Iran (makeup) is 89 $ at least for one tooth The cost of dental implants in Iran starting from 450 $.

Cosmetic dentistry costs in MedtourIran

You can search for cosmetic dentistry prices in the world, Iran and MedtourIran. After a short while you will notice that MedtourIran prices are the most suitable due to its good services and skilled doctors. In MedtourIran we serve you with the best services. We refer to some of our dental procedures at MedtourIran.

 Hollywood smile cost in Iran-Tehran: $100 Book Now

 Hollywood smile cost in Iran-Mashhad: $119 Book Now

 Dental implant cost in Iran-Tehran: $497 Book Now

 Dental implants cost in Iran-Mashhad:$450 Book Now
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