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  • 23 Aug 2019
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What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism which is sometimes referred to as “Health Tourism” has various definitions. According to The World Tourism Organization Medical Tourism is ‘using services which lead to a boost in a person’s health or morale (with the help of medical techniques, the weather, etc.) which happens away from that person’s home’. In short Medical Tourism is using world class services and facilities at low and unbelievable prices.

Medical Tourism in Iran

In Iran, Medical Tourism trustees include: Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran (ICHTO), Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Compared to other countries the development and expansion of Medical Tourism requires more cooperation. Medical tourists are usually from countries like Azerbaijan Republic, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Bahrain.

Why Choose Iran for Medical Tourism?

  1. Costs: Compared to other countries like the US and European countries, Iran’s most important advantage in Medical Tourism are the costs. Currently India is a forerunner in offering the cheapest services but with Iran entering the competition and considering its tourism potential, more historical attractions, and its very warm-hearted people, Iran has the ability to attract more tourists than India.
  2. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is another one of Iran’s attraction and it is very important in Medical Tourism. According to the statistics, about 45 million tourists use hydrotherapy for their treatment. And since Iran has more than a thousand known mineral water springs, it can be a very good choice for this purpose.
  3. Sludge therapy: Iran can also attract tourists for sludge therapy since it has the facilities for it like Taftan mountain hillsides, and Urmia lake’s beaches.
  4. Salt therapy: Salt therapy and cave therapy have recently gained the interest of many international tourists and because Iran contains many salt domes it can become a center for salt therapy.
  5. Traditional medicine: Recently, many have been interested is Persian traditional medicine and even some are studying it. according to  (a medical historian), traditional medicine existed in Iran before it existed in Greece. And it was Persians who taught Greeks the principles of what they call Greek medicine.
  6. Climate: Iran’s resorts in Deylaman (Gilan), Javaher deh (Mazandaran) or Shandiz are famous and known all around the world.

Iran’s Medical Tourism Services

Most people travel to Iran for one of the following purposes:

Iran’s Leading Medical Tourism Cities

Tehran which is Iran’s capital enjoys well-known medical specialists and terrific facilities in its hospitals and clinics. Being close to Alborz mountain’s hillside has made Tehran’s weather really nice. While using medical services, you can also spend time more

Mashhad is a religious city with fine medical equipment and facilities. Imam Reza’s shrine, specialized and experienced clinics and hospitals for beauty and medical services have made this city one of the first choices for Medical Tourism. read more

Shiraz is one of the destinations for Medical Tourism due to its renowned doctors, high quality treatment centers, and nice weather. Shiraz hosts many tourists from Iraq because it is a religious city and close to this country. read more

  • Yazd

Yazd is a historical city and has many historical attractions and is among the best cities for Medical Tourism. The presence of 545 specialized doctors, 915 general practitioners, 300 dentists, and 15 hospitals have made Yazd a destination for many tourists. This city is better known for infertility and cardiology treatments, because Yazd’s infertility center is Iran and middle east’s first infertility treatment center and many travel to Yazd from other countries to come to this center.

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