Open Heart Surgery: Types, Procedure, Risks, and Cost

  • 16 Feb 2020
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The heart is one of the primary organs in the body that is located in the rib cage so as to be protected. Its task is to pump blood and distribute it in the body through the blood vessels. This process is done via regular contracting. The heart has four chambers on the right and left sides of it. The heart size is as big as a fist.  


What is open heart surgery? 

You may have heard the term open heart surgery and it might seem awesome for you. Yes, every process related to the heart could be tackling because the heart plays a prominent and crucial role in human health. But what is the open heart surgery process and what do you know about this process? It is important to note that open heart surgery is a common procedure for adults.  Open heart surgery is performed for a patient with severe coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease.  The surgery improves blood flow to the heart. In this process, the chest or chest wall is incised to perform surgery on the arteries of the heart, heart muscles, or valves. The process of open heart surgery these days can be done by making a small incision.

How is open heart surgery performed?

A surgeon performs open heart surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision or an opening in the chest and the sternum and this incision is 20-25 cm. If the surgeon reaches the heart, he places an alternative device for the heart beating to pump blood and flow it into the body and finally makes the process of breathing.  

These days, open heart surgery can be performed for a heart that has been stopped; that is the heart through which the blood does not flow. In this case, a doctor or a surgeon performs surgeries in the heart muscles, heart valves or arteries of the heart, to fix them and improve their work. Open heart surgery depends on the number of arteries, valves, or muscles that need to be improved. When open heart surgery is finished, the doctor returns the blood flow through the heart, and the blood flow device is removed from the patient. After this, the chest bones and the chest incision are closed. It is worth noting that open heart surgery is performed through general anesthesia.


Are there different methods for open heart surgery?

The open heart process includes both conventional and non-traditional methods. The traditional method is a method that involves a complete incision in the chest as we explained previously. The non-traditional methods are:

  1. Off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery (beating heart surgery): In this procedure, the blood flow is carried out by the heart with the help of some special devices. 
  2. Minimally invasive surgery: this procedure is performed by using a tiny incision in the chest.


What are the types of open heart surgery?

Open-heart surgery is carried out to perform different heart operations and each one of these operations has a different goal. We refer to these heart operations that are conducted through the open heart process:  Heart transplant, artificial heart transplant, auxiliary organ transplant, aural fibrillation treatment, heart valve replacement or improvement, and the coronary artery.


Is open heart surgery dangerous and what are its side effects?

Not only has open heart surgery risk, but almost every surgery carries some risks and dangers. The open heart surgery is one of the major heart operations it absolutely involves some risks. When a person is diagnosed with a disease related to the heart and cannot be cured by medications or simple operations, he must undergo open heart surgery such as the process of replacing the valves. However, if the person evades the procedure, the disease conditions become severe and finally, he has to overcome them by surgery.  It is worth noting that these days the open heart operation is performed with advanced devices and specialized doctors and without any risk.

The side effects of open heart surgery are as follow: bleeding - infection - breathing difficulty - infections - defects in the heart rhythm - some side effects of anesthesia - stroke or heart attack – causing some problems in the liver, kidneys, lung – and finally death. It is worth noting that the patient's overall health state is related to how the person deals with these risks.


What should you do after open heart surgery? Tips after open heart the operation

After performing open heart surgery, the patient is moved to the intensive care department and the patient remains in this unit depending on his health condition until the time of anesthesia is finished.

While the patient is in the intensive care department, there are some tubes that have been connected to the person’s chest, arm, and bladder. The task of these tubes is: the tube connected to the chest works to drain fluid from the heart, the tube connected to the arm works to feed the patient and the tube connected to the bladder works to empty the bladder from the fluid. When the patient needs oxygen, the necessary oxygen is supplied through the oxygen mask, and a medical device is also contacted in the patient to evaluate the patient's heart function. Then, the person is moved to the hypnosis department for better sleep and the patient remains in the department for 3 - 7 days to be taken care of his health condition and to check the patient's blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. After that, the patient can go home when his overall health state is ok. 

The patient should be careful when doing any activities during the first days after his discharge from the hospital. He must consult with his doctor in taking activities and he has to follow his doctor’s instructions which include instructions related to his activities, dos and don’ts, breathing, bathing and how to take a bath when the wound is still on his chest and the patient’s habit of eating and drinking.  Most importantly, he has to see the doctor for an examination during the recovery period.


Can you have open heart surgery twice?

Can open heart surgery be performed more than one time? Perhaps you are one of those who look for the answer to this question.  In response, I have to say that the second procedure of open heart surgery is related to the patient's general health condition and age. When the patient’s overall health state is good, open heart operation can be performed for the second time.

Open heart surgery in Iran and its costs 

Why Iran to perform an open heart operation? Iran is one of the countries in the middle-east where heart-related surgeries such as open heart surgery are performed. Also, Iran is considered one of the most famous countries in the world in cardiology and its related surgeries and besides that Iran is the most successfully reported country in open heart surgery procedures. Hospitals of Iran has special units and operating rooms equipped for various cardiac operations and have specialist doctors and specialized staff. Besides this expertise and commitment, there is advanced equipment that helps the physicians and surgeons to perform all types of heart surgery operations. Almost all types of open heart surgery are performed in different cities of Iran and by surgeons who have documented certificates for these procedures such as coronary artery surgery, heart transplantation, artificial heart transplantation, auxiliary device transplantation, treatment of aural fibrillation, and improvement or replacement of heart valves. It is worth noting that the flowing of foreign patients in Iran indicates that Iran has specialized centers, specialist doctors, reasonable and affordable prices. Open heart surgery in Iran is performed with high quality and affordable price.

Open heart surgery in MedtouIran 

What are the features of MedtourIran and what is the role of this center in performing open heart operation? MedtourIran provides the best medical tourism for everyone who wants to come to Iran for any medical or cosmetic operation. MedtourIran provides the best medical centers and good services infamous and developed cities of Iran to present services related to open heart surgery. MedtourIran center cooperates with the best hospitals and doctors to provide all kinds of services to foreign patients in the capital cities of Iran, i.e., Tehran, Mashhad, and Shiraz. Reasonable prices and good services are the features that make MedtourIran one of the best medical centers in providing services to foreign patients.

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