Clinic Shaparak Talayi

Clinic Shaparak Talayi
Iran, Mashhad

Shabirk Clinic is a specialized clinic for the examination of skin and hair diseases. The treatments provided by this clinic are:

1- Abdominoplasty

2 - Autoplasty (to remove cosmetic rhinitis).

3 - Balvaroplasti (Slop surgical specialist and useful to remove the relaxation of the upper or lower eyelids.

4. Perotz correction (increased volume, relaxation)

5 - Trollift (tightening of the skin with the application of the threads attractive face under the skin)

6- Lapiablasti, repair the tie and remove wrinkles of Lapia.

7 - Face Lift (remove excess fat, strengthen the underlying muscles and tighten the skin of the face and neck)

8- Mamoplasty and Genicomasti treatment

9 - Sculpture (one of the strong surgical operations gain abdominal vitality and freshness

10- The use of co2 fractional (laser miraculous ability to remove pimples, surface and skin wrinkles).

11- Laser Waginal (Vaginal Reduction, Vaginal Relaxation, Vaginal Relaxation)

12- Kendla (the latest laser cutting machine worldwide, made in America)

13- Mzotrapi (injection of vitamins, drugs and hormones in the skin of the middle skin)

14- Cryotrapi (removal of rash, cholul, and skin by liquid nitrogen)

15 - Sap Sven: Remove the effect of pimples and subcutaneous traits in one session

16 - Hypotrapi (supersonic energy to lift (more severe) and the provisions of the skin

17. Microcurrent (Abadis) and the increase of therapeutic creams in the face by electronic waves.

18- The use of RF fractional (wrinkle removal and skin outlets)

19- Eczier Face (Lifting, Rejuvenating & Lifting)

20- carboxy earth (subcutaneous dioxide injection, to remove existing tension, in the sides and lines arising from work

21 - Ultraton face

22- Microderm-Hydroderm (specialist skin cleaning and fracturing process)

23- Generation injection

24- Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty)

25 - hair transplantation

26. Natural hair transplantation based on the International Federation of Agriculture

27- Mzotrabi for hair

28- Mazubisha, the American medicine for the development of weak feeling

29- Use PRP to strengthen and weaken the recently developed weak feeling

30 - Ultraton flesh (resting in the manner of the English ancestor)

31- Body Exellis (the best body beauty equipment)

32.Use of XWave (hardened adipose tissue) or (infectious tissue)

33- Diet Therapy (Specialist Counseling and Food Positioning)

34- Laser Alexandrite Motos 2018

35- Botox Tox

36- the doctor

37- Spinal surgery and orthopedics

38- Minor surgical procedures

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