Shiraz Central Hospital

Shiraz Central Hospital
Iran, Shiraz

Shiraz Central Hospital is one of the general hospitals equipped in Shiraz. The hospital was established in year 6. It achieved ISO1801, ISO 19001 and IMS (Systematic Integrated Management) certification. This hospital includes hospitalized ward (Surgery 2, General ICU 2, Surgery 2, CCU 1, Gynecology Surgery, Surgery 2, Surgical ICU, Internal 2, Internal 2, Internal ICU 2, Open Heart ICU, Brain and Organ ICU, CCU3 , CCU2, NICU, Stroke ICU, General ICU 4, CCU4), Clinic ward (Infectious, Endocrinology, Urology Clinic, ENT Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Neurology Clinic, Oncology Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Clinic General surgery is the Neurosurgery Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic, Internal Clinic, Internal Neurology Clinic.

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Medical Center Facilities
  • Parking
  • coffee shop
  • Emergency
  • Surgery room
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