Arta Clinic Mashhad

Arta Clinic Mashhad
Iran, Mashhad

 Arta Clinic

Arta Specialized Clinic for dermatology and hair transplantation, which includes highly experienced medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

1- Appointment of skin, hair and nail diseases by specialists of this center

2 - Consultation in the field of beautification of the skin (skin) and increase its vitality.

3 - prompt and treatment for common skin diseases. Among them are protection, let alone Glan, psoriasis (psoriasis) and whitewigo (blisters), hair loss, skin cancers, using the following possibilities:

Sampling, Cry Tray, Cold Injection, Belink Types, Rapid and Cosmetic Surgeries, Surgical Procedures for Skin Cancer Treatment.

4 - take the necessary remedies to remove warts, burning and blisters.

5 - Hair transplantation

6 - Using laser types to find vitality and skin freshness, remove the feeling of excess and tattoo (TTO) and treatment of types of tattoos, freckles, face lift, veins and veins

7 - face lift and neck Petrdenbj

8- The right of fat, Botox, B-Arbi, and Microderm, Mazotrabi

9- Carboxy

10 - face hole

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