Dr. Akbar Mehrafzan

Dr. Akbar Mehrafzan

Dr. Akbar Mehrafzan

Head of Department


Specialties Dr. Akbar Mehrafzan is a specialist in ENT. Education and training Nasal and Sinus Endoscopic Surgery Course from Pavia University (Italy) San Mateo Hospital under the supervision of the Secretary General of the European Endoscopic Surgery Association (Professor Castel Neuve) Experience and Board certification Fellow of surgical and therapeutic centers in Azerbaijan (Baku) Professional memberships RRS (Rhinology Research Society). Iranian society of Rhinology Language spoken English

Academic Training
Name Degree Date
Universty of world for Medicine Bachelor of Medicine(BM) Dec 1991
Universty of world for Medicine1 Bachelor of Medicine(BM)1 Dec 1991 1
Skills & Achievments

Brain Surgery 75%

Heart Surgery 65%

Trauma Surgery 85%

Central Surgery 89%

Weekly Consultancy 55%

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